Kit Garoutte - Repertoire

Repertoire Sampler

Samples from "Fra the Pod O'rn,"
by Kit Garoutte.

"The focus for Garoutte these days has been on the profoundly personal and deeply unique composing style he has adopted and made into his own highly recognizable brand of instrumental music. Dubbed New Classical Jazz Fingerstyle Guitar, Kit's compositions take you on a seemingly endless variety of rides to the furthest reaches of his muse, and always returning you home just in time for dinner."


"Kit seemlessly blends his influences into an original, organic sound. It's jazz, rock and new acoustic mixed with inventive songwriting."

- Mark Orton, Tin Hat

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Fra the Pod O'rn
- What's that? Fra the what? Ponder the meaning of the title and gain a fuller understanding of the secret of life.
Grande Ronde
- This is the instrumental version of my song "Home Sweet Home, the Stars and You. About life's journey coming full circle -- leaving home to pursue your dreams and finding some of your dreams can only be realized through the rediscovery of home and family.
O'Pennan Culloz'd
- This song was being written when 9/11 happened. The pain and anger of that horrific event became part of the story of the music, and the misguided military response informs the rhythmic drive.
Arullo Por Los Ninos
- One of the precious times in my life was sitting on the porch on several summer evenings with my little brother Joe and his two sons Joseph and Michael, dabbling on the guitar and discovering this music with them.
Red Zone
- This song evolved first from the bass line, written while I was focusing on being a bass player with the band Rainbow and getting into the jazz fusion sound. After the song was arranged for the band and we'd been performing it for some time I got into solo guitar and decided to arrange it so I could play it that way with the idea of covering melody, chords, rhythm and bass line with as little compromise to the separate parts as possible.The emotion of the song was inspired by reading about the harrowing and amazing escape of a family in their car down mountain roads as Mt. St. Helens erupted! Incredibly, they survived.
- My stab at writing a bebop sort of thang. I went through a number of harmonic arrangements before finding this one. It's a challenge to play but quite fun and satisfying for me.
In Love
- This song is about a temporarily lost far away. Or maybe it's really about all the loves of my life.
The Point of the Loop
- This one was inspired by the book "Godel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas R. Hofstadter. Though I didn't follow everything in the book, I spent four months being inspired by it's concepts, a few of which were the catalyst and intuitive model for the song and it's arrangement.
- I had played around with this off and on over a couple of years but it just didn't want to evolve until I went back to school. The creative approach of my instructor sparked the process (and the deadline) needed to see it through.


Below you'll find the song titles and a little information about each song from the CD titled "Every Kind Of Life" All songs are  written, recorded, performed, programmed except as noted below), and produced by Kit.

"Like the love child of Michael Hedges, John McLaughlin, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. It's rare to hear guitar playing this good in a singer-songwriter context." - Mark Orton, Tin Hat

1. Being Alone - Sometimes it's good to be alone, but no one wants to be alone ALL the time.

2. Bit of a Dolt - Written originally as an instrumental piece for solo acoustic guitar this song has evolved as a full band arrangement complete with vocals. It's fun to play as an instrumental and seems to work well either way.

3. Every Kind of Life - Inspired by my Grandmother Agnes (Gramma Aggie), the person who influenced and inspired me as much as anyone.

4. Over and Over - Written during the 2008 presidential race. This version was mixed and mastered by Damon Whittemore of Valvetone Studios.

5. Old Habits - Inspired by James Taylor as well as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. A true story that hopefully has meaning for those who follow a dream throughout their lives. So hard to let go of the dream, and perhaps one never should no matter what?

6. Home Sweet Home, the Stars and You - "Leaving home meant leaving you. It was me I had to find." A once restless youth now much older returns home with a new appreciation for all that means.

7. Put Your Life On The Line - The writing of this song came together more quickly than any other song I've written. With all it's flaws it's from the heart and has resisted any effort to "improve" the lyrics. It feels right just as it is. Piano played by Brian Rose.

Angelina (Tommy Emmanuel)

Arullo Por Los Ninos (Kit Garoutte)

Father's Day (Kit Garoutte)

Fra the Pod O'rn (Kit Garoutte)

Here On Earth (Russ Barenburg)

Legacy (Kit Garoutte)

Linus & Lucy (Vince Giraldi)

Little Martha (Duane Allman/Dickie Betts)

O'Pennan Culloz'd (Kit Garoutte)

Point of the Loop (Kit Garoutte)