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Dance O' the Li'l Folk (by Kit Garoutte) - Sample from "Finger Dancing" CD

This infectious little song came from experimenting in DADGAD tuning, evolving organically from a practice exercise that suggested the opening melody. While writing it I kept imagining a magical scene of children and leprechauns dancing around a campfire, laughing and joyful in the night. It makes sense that this song has a Celtic bent since the DADGAD tuning is widely used in that style. "Dance O' the Li'l Folk" is a challenging and exuberant romp that is one of my favorites to play.



Father's Day (by Kit Garoutte) - Sample from "Finger Dancing" CD

Written on Father's Day, I've always felt this song says something about my relationship to my Dad. There's something elemental about the mood, and that speaks to our experiences together, and apart. Our pursuits are different, but our essence is much the same. Follow your heart, whether your are a horse whisperer, like my father, or a musician and artist, like myself. He always said, "If you're gonna do something, do it right."



Hey Little Bird (by Kit Garoutte and Moe Dixon) - Sample from "Captured" CD

This is the first co-written song by Moe and myself. Look for more of these soon! This one was inspired by a couple of bird-related things. It started from a scrambling of some of the elements of "Blackbird" and the spirit is related to both Moe's relationship with "his" hummingbirds and the annual migration of birds of the avian AND human persuasions to warmer climes during the winter months.

Can't Get Her Offa My Mind (by Kit Garoutte & Scott Casey) - Sample from "Captured" CD

This song is one I wrote with my old songwriting partner and great pal Scott Casey some time ago. It has been in the "vault" and I recently broke it out and rediscovered the magic by doing a little different version for my solo thing.

Captured (by Kit Garoutte & Scott Casey) - Sample from "Captured" CD

Scott and I wrote and played a lot of music together during the early days of our careers in Portland with our band and duo. We did some production music as well. This song, like "Can't Get...", were created during that time and I have put a little different spin on 'em while retaining the essence of what they started out as...

Why, Why, Why (by Kit Garoutte) - Sample from "Captured" CD

This is one of my most recent songwriting efforts, casting a little fun and lighthearted "payback" thoughts at some former partners in relationship. I think it's the first song I ever wrote in the key of F. I usually don't go there due to some guitar-related challenges with that key, but in this case it helped things go more smoothly for me.

Tears In Heaven

This is an impromptu recording I did after playing it for the family and friends at the wake of a young boy. I tried to reproduce what I had done at the church as faithfully as possible as a tribute to the boy and in the hope of providing some love and comfort to all who were suffering as a result of his tragic passing.


Angelina (by Tommy Emmanuel) - Sample from "Finger Dancing" CD

This beautiful gem of a song by Tommy Emmanuel is one of my favorite songs of all time. I'll never forget seeing and hearing his YouTube performance of this and being both incredibly inspired and at least a little daunted at the amazing skill and passion of his playing. When it comes to mastery of one's art, none are better than Mr. Emmanuel. This song was written for his daughter, Angelina. You can certainly hear the love.



External link opens in new tab or windowTeen Town - practicing

This link will take you to the video on External link opens in new tab or windowmy YouTube channel. This was a practice session I felt like sharing, despite not quite having things ready to go for performance to the level I would like. I think it still has a good groove for the most part and I feel good about sharing it.

External link opens in new tab or windowRainbow's Cadillac (by Bruce Hornsby)

This song, according to Bruce, is either about a barnstorming basketball player or preacher. I worked it out in open D tuning to allow me to do cool things with it playing solo. This performance was on the Terrace at Maryhill Winery.

External link opens in new tab or windowMr. Briefcase (by Lee Ritenour)

This was originally recorded by Lee as  a vocal tune with Eric Tagg singing vocals that I worked out an instrumental fingerstyle arrangement for and it's been a favorite in my repertoire for some time now. This video clip is from a show at the famous Jimmy Mak's in Portland while it was still going strong.

External link opens in new tab or windowMercy, Mercy, Mercy (by Joe Zawinul)

This is by far my most popular video clip on YouTube. It's a groove!